Vetama is a mobile veterinary franchise. We help vets build their own mobile practice to be financially and emotionally successful.

Our Story

Vetama was founded by Dr. Raffy Dorian, Dr. Daniel Gutman, and Jacob Wright.


Raffy - the visionary - brought the team together in 2020 at his mobile practice located in San Luis Obispo, California. Dan - the listener - had worked under Raffy as a student in San Diego and had recently moved to the area. Jacob - the motivator - was working as a technician under Raffy.

Veterinarians are overworked and under paid. With little required business education and massive student loan debt, vets typically sacrifice their personal lives to pay the bills. This incessant work style has led to massive burnout, depression, and suicide in the veterinary industry.

From Raffy's practice, a solution was found - a mobile veterinary franchise. Veterinarians get the independence, autonomy, and freedom of mobile practice ownership without the burden of doing it alone. Vetama provides the business expertise and keeps veterinarians from making the same mistakes we did. With Vetama, veterinarians are financially and emotionally healthy.

Meet The Team