We are veterinary medical professionals that come to you.
We provide general practice and urgent veterinary medicine at your home.
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Dr. Raffy Dorian - The Original Mobile Vet

The Vetama story starts with the original mobile vet, Dr. Raffy Dorian. Dr. Dorian is a mixed animal veterinarian and entrepreneur, having started multiple practices in CA throughout his career. In 2001, he started "Mobile Vet Practice" serving San Diego.

Dr. D with cat

Dr. Daniel Gutman - The First Apprentice

In 2008, Dr. Daniel Gutman started shadowing Dr. Raffy Dorian while an undergraduate at San Diego State University. Dr. Gutman went on to veterinary school and graduated in 2017.

Dr. G with dog

Jacob Wright - The Second Apprentice

In 2017, Dr. Dorian moved from San Diego to San Luis Obispo and opened another mobile practice called, "Central Coast Veterinary Services." Jacob applied to shadow under Dr. Dorian in 2019, just before the COVID pandemic.

Jacob with dog

COVID accelerates the Vetama Model

During COVID, veterinary practices became overwhelmed, veterinary burnout skyrocketed, and pet owners became upset with the veterinary industry. However, Dr. Dorian's mobile practice shined. People loved the convenience, professionalism, and ease of mobile veterinary medicine.

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The Apprentices Meet

In 2020, Dr. Gutman contacted Dr. Dorian after relocating to San Luis Obispo. Dr. Gutman inquired about working with his mentor once again, this time as a veterinarian. Dr. Dorian - who's mobile practice was booming - was excited about working with Dr. Gutman again. After Dr. Gutman joined the practice, Jacob shadowed Dr. Gutman and Dr. Dorian.

The founders

The Founders Launch Vetama

In 2022, Dr. Dorian, Dr. Gutman, and Jacob came together to launch Vetama based on Central Coast Veterinary Services. Vetama is professional, convenient, stress-free veterinary care. With Vetama, pet owners get the amazing veterinary experience Dr. Dorian created.

The founders with the prototype

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming the veterinary experience for providers, pets, and clients. We do this by empowering veterinary professionals and by providing pets and clients with professional, convenient, personal mobile veterinary care.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way veterinary care is delivered by utilizing veterinary professionals to the best of their abilities thus ensuring every pet can receive veterinary care at home.

Meet the Founders

Raffy headshot
Dr. Raffy Dorian, DVM, MPVM
Chief Veterinary Officer
Dan headshot
Dr. Daniel Gutman, DVM, MS
Chief Operating Officer
Jacob Headshot
Jacob Wright, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
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