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Our Mission

Healthy Pets

Mobile veterinary care removes the stress from the veterinary experience - for you and your pet. With modern medicine approaches and personalized care, Vetama improves quality of life for all patients.

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Happy Owners

Say goodbye to stressful brick & mortar experiences. Vetama is the convenient solution accommodating busy schedules. We believe in clear communication, listening to clients, and educational opportunities about care for your pet.

Strong Veterinarians

Vetama veterinarians have autonomy, flexibility, and support. Veterinarian franchise owners build strong relationships with clients, collaborate, and follow their interests in veterinary medicine.

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About Vetama

Vetama was founded in 2021 empowering veterinarians to succeed while building trust with pet owners through home veterinary care.


Vetama is a mobile veterinary franchise, with each location owned and operated by the veterinarian. Clients receive convenient, compassionate, personal care without the stress of a traditional brick and mortar clinic.