All-in-One Practice Ownership

Get the freedom and success of being a mobile practice owner without the challenges of doing it alone.

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"Vetama is unleashing the industry by giving the ultimate freedom and support to veterinarians."
- Mike Harris, Central Coast Business Times

What is Vetama practice ownership like?

With Vetama, veterinarians are in control of all aspects of their personal lives and professional lives. Using a proven business model, Vetama owners get a turnkey practice plan and team for guidance.

Your practice, your clients, your future



Full equity ownership and independence from day one of starting your practice.



Go from 0 to 100+ clients in two months after opening.



Get started in 80 days or less after joining.

In less than 80 days you can have...

an electric veterinary van,

Your Vetama veterinary van comes completely built, ready to practice. You have a choice between a fully electric or conventional gas van.

Kumba software

AI scheduling & routing,

Vetama has partnered with Kumba to provide you AI scheduling and routing. You will save time, see more appointments, and be more profitable using this software.

a mentorship and business team,

You will meet weekly with our founders, your remote practice manger, and business advisors. Our founders are mobile veterinarians themselves and will help you achieve your practice goals.

Mentor team

and full independence.

You are in complete control of when you practice, how you practice, what services you provide, and what supplies you use. You are a practice owner when you own a Vetama practice. You create your ideal work/life balance.


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The founders

Our Story

Vetama was founded by two veterinarians and a technician with the vision of providing veterinarians the freedom of independent practice ownership without having to jump into veterinary business alone.

Using the founders' mobile practice as a template, veterinarians can build their own mobile practice in the area of their choice and serve their community.

As a Vetama practice owner, you are in control of your practice. You focus on being the best veterinarian you can and we focus on accomplishing your business goals.