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Talk to a vet now. Need a question answered by a vet but don't have the time to get an appointment? Use our online chat portal or download the Vetama app. You will access online veterinarians, 24/7.

Talk to a vet online. Use the Vetama telehealth app
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24/7 Virtual Vets

Use the Vetama app to get an answer from a veterinarian 24/7.*

*The Vetama app is intended for medical triage. Your telehealth veterinarian will be different than your local, in-person Vetama provider.
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Access a video help tutorial library

Veterinarians available 24/7, 365

How it Works


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Create your account or login to the online portal. You can also login on the Vetama app.

Get answers in minutes

Once logged in, send photos, videos, or text messages to available vets. They will review your messages, assess the details you have provided, and respond within minutes.

Book a follow-up home visit

Still need more help? Book our mobile team to come to you and evaluate your pet in person.